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What is Apollo Gym Software & how does it help gym owners to manage their members?

Why should I use a Gym Management System?

Gym Management Systems allow gym owners and gym managers to efficiently operate their studio and manage all aspects of their business. Whether you are currently a gym owner or you're thinking about opening a gym, picking the right gym management software is crucial.

Apollo Software was built by a team of people who have decades of experience within the Fitness Industry, from all levels. Apollo Software offers all of the important features you need without the faff, and covers all areas of your fitness business from the studio to the sales team - or just taking membership payments automatically instead of at reception if that's all you need! Plus - it integrates with your current website seamlessly, AND you get a member app completely free!

Apollo Software is a Gym Management System that allows fitness business owners to efficiently operate their studio and manage all aspects of their business. Gym Management Software, (or Club Management Software) has been around for a while now, but the Apollo Software has been streamlined to ensure Gym Owners get the best from their investment - even when the investment is an affordable one!

apollo software free trial for 30 days of apollo software gym management system

What are the best Gym Management Software Systems to use?

Well, if you ask us or our customers, of course we'll say it's Apollo Software! But just so you can have a think for yourself, there's a few things that we recommend you keep the things in mind when trying to find the best gym management software system.

Your CRM should be user-friendly and streamlined to ensure smooth business functioning and a great user experience for your members, so it's best to consider the following features:

1) A Streamlined Dashboard = easy to use, say no to long hours of training and hand holding staff, make transactions and interactions with members quicker and simpler.

2) Automated member payments = watch your bank balance grow without the stress of chasing payments, or having to take time out of your schedule to collect every month. Plus - no cash is needed on the premises so one less risk assessment ot complete!

3) Digital Member Contracts and Health Waivers = saying no to piles of paperwork. Instead of having a zillion folders and archives of folders with years of highly personal data; just keep it digital - it's also much easier to search for a specific member's health & safety info.

4) Easy Online Member Sales & Engagement = more time to focus on the important things. Your gym management software should link seamlessly with your website, and having an online sales portal allows potential new members to sign up anytime of day or night.

5) Attendance Tracking & Member Retention = once you achieve those new member sales, you want to keep hold of as many of them as possible! Using automations built on the most up to date analytics of member retention, Apollo Software takes the time out of constantly calling and checking in on your members, and takes the pain out of seeing more people appear on your cancelled direct debit report. Speaking of reports...

6) Live Reports = knowing your business inside out from every angle, managing staff performance and keeping track of your bottom line. Apollo Software has the most popular reports covered for you in easy to understand templates, and setting up your own bespoke report is super straightforward.

7) Built-in Email and Text System = efficient management of class timetables including last minute changes, and manage RSVP's for events such as fitness challanges or charity events.

8) Simple Class Timetable Scheduling = Add mutiple rooms for group exercise. Easily configure class sizes based on the activity and allow members to book in advane via the mobile app and recieve push notifications of any class changes.

9) Automated lead generation = Does the Gym Management System you are considering have this feature? With Apollo Software you can allow your customers become your best sales people with the Social Referral Online integration. Members can share a guest pass via thier Apollo app across multiple social media platforms, without you having to lift a finger.

10) Cost of Implementation = when paying a monthly direct debit, it's easy to forget the cost especially if you believe it's helping your business. Most people will drop their marketing budget first - that's a different story! But are you really using your CRM to the best of its capacity? And what ROI is it giving you? Or do you have to keep paying extra for the additional add ons that you need to suit your health and fitness studio? Setting up Apollo Software is easy, affordable and you can track the ROI using our reports. Plus, if you're not completely satisfied you can cancel in 30 days.

To Summarise...

Using a Gym Management Software system that offers simplicity, functionality and return on investment is key to running your gym successfully. Your CRM should offer a comprehensive solution for you as the Gym Owner, as well as the members, instructors and staff who interact with the CRM on a daily basis.

How do I implement Apollo Software in my gym or studio?

If you want to improve your member experience, cut down on staff training hours, automatically generate leads and retain more members then GET IN TOUCH with the team at Apollo Software for more information, or CLICK HERE to start your 30 day free trial today!



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