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Apollo Software. Health & Fitness Membership Management Software.

Apollo Software is the latest in Gym and Fitness Membership Management Software to arrive on the market. Apollo Software was born through a desire to make a Fitness Club CRM System that was easy to use, requiring minimal staff training and encompassed all the essential aspects you need, with none of the unnecessary parts that just overcomplicate it.

How did Apollo Software emerge?

Two of the Directors at Apollo have spent over 40 years combined experience in the Health and Fitness Industry. During that time they have both been involved in all aspects of Health and Fitness from operations, sales, consulting and the list goes on and on. Our technical Director has been coding for many years and has helped grow multiple companies over several years. We all agreed on one thing. Gym Management Software can be an absolute headache. Many of them are over complicated, yet miss something essential, and others can be so complicated to use, that half of the benefits that you're sold are just too difficult to understand.

We created Apollo Software to offer a system that was effective, uncomplicated, reduced staff training down to as little as possible and gave you the essential tools you need, plus some extras.

When will Apollo Software be available?

We are currently beginning live trials of Apollo Software in several Gyms and Health Clubs across the UK so we can gain first hand valuable development feedback from operators. Although we have operated Health and Fitness Clubs ourselves, this can sometimes cloud your vision when it comes to what's best. The way to avoid this, is by creating 90% of the product and then letting several gym owners give you the critical feedback that you need to complete the final product. We are hoping to have the system ready for launch by September 2021.

What are some of the features of Apollo Gym Management Software?

We don't like to spoil the surprise but I can tell you some of the basic aspects. Though it's not so much what it has that's important. It's more about how simple it is to use.

There will be the ability to set up your Club yourself which will include adding classes and additional rooms and studios. There will be sales tools for communicating with leads and members. All of this communication can be automated based on a choice of parameters. You can add staff and assign them roles within the system or add external Personal Trainers. There will be a mobile version that can be downloaded as an App so staff and members can make or cancel class bookings for example. It's already integrated with GoCardless, so you can set up your membership types and prices and begin taking monthly Direct Debits. There will be a member retention system to alert you to members that may be more likely to cancel within the next month. They'll also be our own special Social Media Sales tool that will be integrated into the system or available as a standalone product.

We will be posting future news as we continue developing the product. Plus, we'll be sharing insights and knowledge on the Health and Fitness Industry.


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