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Apollo Gym Management Software

The last few weeks have been busy with a Health Club in London that uses Social Referral Online agreeing to trial our Apollo Gym Membership Management Software and provide us with critical feedback.

We booked an online demo to see what they thought about Apollo Software. The main aim was to see whether we had developed a fitness CRM system that delivered on what we had set out to achieve.

We wanted to make sure that a health club could easily set up their club using our software. We had been told that the current fitness crm system they use took days to set up a club. We also discovered that their current membership management software didn't include some of the features we offer as standard. For example, automated email was an additional bolt on that they had to pay extra for with their current provider. Apollo Software provides automated email communication with members as part of the system at no additional charge. This means you can set up any kind of automated email as part of the membership journey.

We believe that managing your gym members with our fitness software should be simple and effective.

If you'd like to learn more about or gym management software than please get in touch with us via our Contact Form and we can book an online demo.


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